ILD 0.1.2

ILD is a little tool I wrote to let me log the throughput of my Traverse Technologies NetJet ISDN router under Linux. It requires a kernel patch to get the byte throughput from the card.

You can see a sample of the log files produced here.





Updated the text display to date/time instead of numbers; also fixed the day boundary to midnight instead of 11am.


A few rounding bugs were fixed in version 0.1.1. And the name was changed from ISDNLog to ILD (=ISDN Log Daemon). This is so the name doesn't conflict with the ISDN4KUtils utility ISDNLog.


Initial release... probably buggy and horrible, but we'll see.


Marc Durdin wrote it. Thanks to Guy Ellis from Traverse Technologies for the idea (and the starting point) and Wookey for writing perl scripts and other dodgy stuff.